The Eternal Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is the foundation of Western civilization. Today, it is one of the most widely read books in the world. The Old and New Testaments are a constant source of daily inspiration for nearly 2 billion people.

From the highlands of Ethiopia, through Eastern and Western Europe, to the great plains of the New World, this holy book is at the root of many civilizations.

Discover the Holy Bible’s 1,750 pages 
(the New International Version), in the palm of your hand, its psalms of unique knowledge, engraved for eternity. Nestled in its exclusive box with the nanoscope, in a solid wood case, this would be a legacy for your children and loved ones.



Zoom in, with your fingers or your mouse

Each Bible is manufactured in France in our clean room laboratories. The custom-made cases are hand-made, by a master craftsman, in the Jura region of France.

The nanoscope, illuminated by 8 white leds and magnifying up to 1,000 times, allows you to view on your smartphone via WiFI, the content of your disc. It also offers the possibility to take High Definition pictures.